Gazette Extras

Material (bibliographies, tables, research notes, deleted text, etc.) which didn’t fit into a gazette article but which the author thought was worth making publicly available. Like the extras on a DVD. 

True Blue

True BlueBibliography Arnold, Maya Blue __ (2014)\Baker, Early Modern Color Worlds (). Ball, Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color (2001). Barber, The Disputatious Caribbean: The West Indies in the Seventeenth Century (2014). Bechtold, Handbook of Natural...

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Portable Power

BibliographyPortable Powerby Iver P. Cooper Abdul-Zehra,Primary Batteries (2012)PDF Alkaline-Manganese dioxide Batteries (2012)PDF Battery Performance (2012)PDF Ambalavanan, Effect of Various Grid Alloys on the Performance of Flooded Lead Acid Cells, Bull.....

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FAQ on Glassmaking in 1632

This FAQ supplements my 1632 Slushpile article, “In Vitro Veritas”. IVF concentrates on up-time techniques which might be feasible in 1632, while this FAQ is more concerned with what is already going on down-time. However, there is some overlap with respect to types of glass and uses of glass. If you find this FAQ of interest, be sure to read “In Vitro Veritas”.

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Locomotive Addendum

There were some tidbits which I couldn’t fit into the main article (“Saddling the Iron Horse,” Grantville Gazette 7), but I thought I should preserve for reference purposes. I have grouped the information according to the headings in the Iron Horse article. Please note that this Addendum is going to seem very disjointed to anyone who has not read the main article recently.

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Aluminum Addendum

This is an addendum to my gazette 8 article, “Aluminum: Will of the Wisp?” In essence, it consists of stuff I thought interesting but which for one reason or another I couldn’t fit into the article. Rather than deprive my fellow barflies of the information, I am posting it here.

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