Gazette Extras

Material (bibliographies, tables, research notes, deleted text, etc.) which didn’t fit into a gazette article but which the author thought was worth making publicly available. Like the extras on a DVD. 

True Blue

True BlueBibliography Arnold, Maya Blue __ (2014)\Baker, Early Modern Color Worlds (). Ball, Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color (2001). Barber, The Disputatious Caribbean: The West Indies in the Seventeenth Century (2014). Bechtold, Handbook of Natural...

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Portable Power

BibliographyPortable Powerby Iver P. Cooper Abdul-Zehra,Primary Batteries (2012)PDF Alkaline-Manganese dioxide Batteries (2012)PDF Battery Performance (2012)PDF Ambalavanan, Effect of Various Grid Alloys on the Performance of Flooded Lead Acid Cells, Bull.....

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