Author’s Manual

The 1632 universe is a very unusual critter. It is an open universe. We want you to write in it. We’ll be very happy to pay you to write in it. Over one-hundred thirty authors have found that out. Still, any sucessful series has to have rules, and these pages will help you find your way around while writing for the Gazette or for the Ring of Fire Press.

Read Griffin Barber’s essay: Stop Throwing Up Road Blocks and Start Throwing Up Bridges

Read Iver P. Cooper’s essay:  So You Want to Write a Grantville Gazette Story

Style Sheet

The official style sheet for the 1632 series.

Submission Guidelines

How and where to submit stories for the Grantville Gazette.

Sample Manuscript

A real-world case study of THE RUDOLSTADT COLLOQUY by Virginia DeMarce.  With notes by Eric Flint.

Words of Wisdom

Eric Flint explains in detail what he’s looking for in a story.

Manuscript Guidelines

Outline of formatting rules and conventions for your submission.

Rules for 1632 Slush

A brief “how to” on posting your story to 1632Slush conference on Baen’s Bar.

Suggestions for You

How to write a story that will fit in the 1632 universe.

The Many Halves

Eric explains why there need to be limitations on characters.