This year, the Minicon was bigger and better than ever. This was because the Balticon concom asked Joy Ward, the co-editor of Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press and a Gazette author, to produce four days of panels and activities instead of our normal two. Joy put together a terrific program, which had to be modified very quickly when it became apparent that Eric Flint was not going to be able to attend, at least physically. Rick Boatright, the 1632 Universe’s head geek, set up with the Balticon media people a Skype link so that Eric could attend, albeit virtually, and give his opening speech, his Guest of Honor speech, and attend some panels, via Skype.

This year, attendance at the Minicon was estimated at close to 100, with more than 20 authors in the series in attendance. The mass book signing brought fans from as far away as Amsterdam, and a lot of Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press books were sold.

Rick Boatright, Kevin Evans, and yours truly, did our normal two hours of Weird Tech, to show how and why technology will differ in the 1632 Universe, whether it wants to or not.

Other panels included War in the 1632 Universe, several looks at technology and society, and of course, the famous “Snerking the Plots.”

Eric participated in Snerking via Skype, and he explained how . . .

Oh dear, I’m afraid that I can’t tell you what he said. In order to know, you have to go to the Minicon and sit in the panel.

We aren’t sure where next year’s Minicon will be, but word will be forthcoming shortly.

Walt Boyes