The full version of the Timespike grid is too long to fit in a single post.  You can download the full 155 page word document from this link:  

Time Spike Character Grid ver 1

Version 1c of the grid is up to date with the published books and stories and covers events which have occurred through the first 365 days following the Quiver. It contains all characters, named and unnamed, that make an appearance, or even a mention, in the three published stories.

The works “canonized” thus far are:

Eric Flint and Marilyn Kosmatka, Time Spike

Garrett W. Vance, Grantville Gazette #39 – The Good Samaritan and the Hanged Man

David W. Dove, Grantville Gazette #39 – The Dragon Slayer

Many character slots are listed with a category and a number (e.g. Prisoner #0124 or Guard #067). These are characters that were not named in any of the stories, but are known to exist based on information from the books. The numbers have no significance and are merely placeholders until a character is named in a subsequent story. In many cases, the final number of people in a category is not set and the listing only shows estimated numbers. This could change as stories are written. However, note that many categories of characters do have set numbers, as defined by Time Spike (e.g. the nurses).

The following abbreviations are used to show in what stories a particular character has appeared:

TS – Time Spike

TDS – The Dragon Slayer, Grantville Gazette #39

GSHM – The Good Samaritan and the Hanged Man, Grantville Gazette #39

In the Time Spike setting, all humans come from some time in the future, as there were no humans in the early Cretaceous. However, new characters may be born into the setting, such as Kathleen Hanrahan’s son in Time Spike.

Other than what has already been canonized in the published stories, personal characteristics and names are not set. One thing that has been canonized is the origins of the different classes of characters, such that only the times periods and locations listed may be used.

The final listing of characters on this grid is those characters whose fate in unknown from the published stories. The characters all appeared or were mentioned in Time Spike, but what there status is at the end of the story is unknown. Subsequent stories may clarify their status.

For each character, I have often included a few short notes listing some of the important events for that character. These notes may assist authors in knowing where the different characters have been and what they have done.

Only very general locations have been given in this grid, namely the settlement in which the characters reside. As stories are written, this will become more detailed.