A survey of computers in Mannington was done during and after the first two minicons.  It was astonishingly difficult to refine the number of computers that would have been in town in April of 2000.  The numbers below are what the board eventually agreed to live with, however accurate or inaccurate they might be. 

Who owns the computers:

5 Elementary School
19 Middle School
130 High School
20 High School Teachers (Laptops*)
15 Local Government
6 Water Treatment Plant
1 Street Dept
80 Local Businesses
25 Technical / Training School
20 Among 900 people 60+ (500-600 households?)
400 Among 2000 people 18-59  (1200-1400 households? 26%-30% penetration assuming 1.1 computers per computer owning household)
15 Power Plant 
14 Not otherwise counted
750 Total 
  • * Every teacher in the high school had a laptop, but most teachers lived outside the RoF and were not within it on Sunday afternoon when it happened. 

PC Type distribution 

160 486 (1989)
350 Pentium (1993)
160 Pentium II (1997)
10 Celeron (1999)
40 Pentium II (1999, mostly in the VoTech center)
10 Macs (Mac II and later 680×0 based) 
20 Macs (Power PC based)
750 Total – all processors

Ownership Distribution

440 Private
180 Education
100 Commercial
30 Government
750 All Hands

Other computers not counted above

150 “scrap” computers of the varieties Amiga, Apple ][, IBM-XT to 386, Tandy Radio Shack, CP/M, Atari, Commodore, etc. in attics and basements.

Wireless Infrastructure

There are a total of four 802.11b routers, all privately held and not available for pet projects.
No other wireless networking present in town.