The very first 1632 minicon was held in and around Manningington WV. These low-res photos and notes are all that survive… 


Here are photos taken by Wood Hughes at the August 2003 Minicon in Mannington, WV. Captions were provided by Cheryl Daetwyler. The downtown bridge over Buffalo Creek
Minicon attendees at the junction of the two
Buffalo Creek bridges
The Minicon bunch in front of the Mannington Library.
Click the Pic for a bigger, who’s who view.

1631 — Mike Stearns house. This house holds Rita and Tom, Mike and Rebecca, Mike’s mother, a family of down-timers, and Doctor Abrabanel. Luckily it has a large wing out the middle of the back of the house, also a full 2 stories with an attic, and a nice yard. Notice the proximity of the coal conveyor in the background.

The coal conveyor at the mine with the concrete tower in the mid distance and the emergency hoist in the far distance

Coal sorting tower at the end of the conveyor,

High voltage lines powering the mine.

Multipurpose steel tanks dropped off for use by the mines.

The Trolley line into downtown