The 2004 MiniCon!
September 30 – October 3, 2004 in Mannington WV.

There are no hotels in Mannington, so we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Fairmont, about 12 miles east out the fabled Route 250.

Early Birds Gather

At right are the early (Wednesday) arrivals gathered in the lounge of the Holiday Inn. From left are Teresa Cochran, Paula Goodlett, David Hassell, Mike Roby, and Will Stewart.


First Night at the Bar

After dinner at the hotel, many of the barflies buzzed to the bar. In this picture, (from left) are Paula, Terry Holland, Eric Flint, Will, Rick Boatright, John Leggett, and (holding her light sabre) Teresa Cochran.


Friday at the Fairgrounds

At the Fairgrounds, The crowd gathers while Rick Boatright explains the significance of the building behind them. Clockwise from the lower left is Teresa Cochran, Will Stewart, Sherry Boatright, David Hassell, Rick Boatright, John Leggett, Terry Holland, Butch and Kasidy Lutz, Mike Roby, Paula Goodlett, Eric Flint, Russ Rittgers, and Mr. Goodlett.

Below, Rick leads a rousing game of Simon Says. Simon didn’t say “point at something,” so Butch Lutz is out.


Final Report

By all reports, everyone had a great time at the Minicon. Will Stewart and Teresa Cochran did yeoman duty in organizing everything and they have our thanks for a job well done.

What is the best indication of success?

We want to do it again.

So reserve August 18-21 2005 for the Third Annual 1632 Minicon