Latest program schedule for the 1632 minicon at HELIOsphere March 9-11 2018 at the Doubletree Inn in Tarrytown, NY. 

This is totally preliminary and subject to change, but here’s the current schedule: 


3:30 pm — 6 pm (2 periods) — Weird Tech. Rick Boatright and his team of intrepid inventors show us how its done. panelists — Rick Boatright, Walt Boyes, Kevin Evans


10:oo — 11:15 Up Track, Down Track! Next generation? What are the second and third generations after the Ring of Fire doing and going? Walter Hunt, Gorg Huff, Karen Evans

11:30 –12:45 Rates of technilogical change and expansion? Limits and more. Panelists — Chuck Gannon, Bjorn Haessler, Walt Boyes

2:30 –3:45 Committees of Correspondence –who are they and what are they doing? panelists — Mariah Crawford, Robert Waters

4:00 — 5:15 Are alternate universes REALLY just white guys playing in everybody else’s yards? Inclusivity in the Ring of Fire. panelists — Eric Flint, Mariah Crawford, Joy Ward, Chuck Gannon, Griff Barber

5:30 — 6:45 Mass signing and gab fest! Everybody!


11:00 — 12:15 Writing for the Grantville gazette! Are you game? panelists– Walt Boyes, Bjorn Haessler, Joy Ward

12:30 –1:45 Snerking the Plots! Hold on because the ride is getting wilder! Panelists– Eic Flint, Chuck Gannon, Walt Boyes, Walter Hunt