Eric just got the publishing schedule from Baen Books for 2018. Eric writes:

February: 1637: THE VOLGA RULES. This is a novel in the 1632 series that I co-authored with Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. It’s the sequel to 1636: THE KREMLIN GAMES.

June: GRANTVILLE GAZETTE VIII. This is the next in the series of anthologies of stories selected from the Grantville Gazette electronic magazine, which is devoted to the 1632 series.

August: WORLDS II. This is the second anthology of my short fiction. It includes stories I wrote for the 1632 series, for David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, a story for the Poul Anderson commemorative volume set in Anderson’s Operation Chaos universe, the steampunk novella I wrote in conjunction with a novella by Chuck Gannon for ArcManor’s THE AETHERS OF MARS volume, and a bunch of other stuff.

Late autumn (exact month as yet unspecified): ALL THE PLAGUES OF HELL. This is the next volume in the Heirs of Alexandria series that I’ve been writing for years with Mercedes Lackey and Dave Freer, which began with THE SHADOW OF THE LION. Dave and I are writing this volume without Misty, although she’s consulting with us on it. (MIsty and I will then write the next volume, without Dave, and all three of us will get back together for the final volume in the series.)

Late winter or early 2019: By then, I should have my next solo volume in the 1632 series ready for publication. This is the sequel to 1636: THE OTTOMAN ONSLAUGHT and the working title is 1637: THE POLISH RUCKUS. It will include, as something in the way of a preface, a separate novella titled “1634: The Anaconda Project.”

After that… we’ll see. Probably the next volume I’d come out with is COUNCIL OF FIRE, which I’m co-authoring with Walter Hunt. This is a novel in the Colonial America fantasy/alternate history project that I’m doing with Kevin Anderson and Sarah Hoyt and a couple of other authors