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photo by Iver Cooper
photo analysis by John Bogan

photo analysis by John Bogan
Shelf Place Author Title
na 1 Editor unknown The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference
na 2 Unidentifiable Unidentifiable
na 3 Unidentifiable Unidentifiable
na 4 Branley, Franklyn M. Mysteries of Outer Space
na 5 Unreadable Unidentifiable
na 6 Not identifiable Hidden Worlds
na 7 Stanley Jay Shapiro Exploring Careers in Science (Career Resource Library)
na 8 Uncertain Science Computer Programs for Kids, and Other People: (can’t determine if this is the Apple (1884), TI (1987), or Commodore 64 and Vic 20 (1985) edition)
na 9 Unintelligible unintelligible
na 10 Pearce Wright The Space Race
na 11 Not visible not visible
na 12 Not visible not visible
na 13 Norman Smith How Fast Do Your Oysters Grow?: Investigate and Discover Through Science Projects
na 14 Not visible No title visible
na 15 Uncertain Amazing Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Projects
na 16 Ann Stepp Setting Up a Science Project
na 17 Peggy Thomson Auks, rocks, and the odd dinosaur: Inside stories from the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History
na 18 Gail Kay Haines Test-Tube Mysteries
na 19 Unknown unknown
na 20 Isaac Asimov How Did We Find Out About Numbers?
na 21 Unintelligible Math for… (the rest unintelligible)
na 22 Andrew King Making Fractions (Math for Fun)
na 23 Rod Clement (Author & Illustrator) Counting on Frank
na 24 Ann Elwood Windows in Space
na 25 Unknown unknown
na 26 Unknown unknown
na 27 Unknown unknown
na 28 Unknown unknown
na 29 Michael D. Cole Hubble Space Telescope: Exploring the Universe (Countdown to Space)
na 30 David J. Darling, Jeanette Swofford (Illustrator) Where Are We Going in Space? (Discovering Our Universe)
na 31 Anna Alter, Jean-Luc Allart (Illustrator) Destination: Outer Space (Barron’s Focus on Science)
na 32 Melvin Berger Star Gazing, Comet Tracking and Sky Mapping
na 33 Patrick Moore Patrick Moore’s Armchair Astronomy
na 34 Jay Pasachoff A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets (Peterson Field Guides (Library))
na 35 Unknown unknown
na 36 Dennis B. Fradin Astronomy (New True Book)
na 38 Joseph Maron Joseph Point to the stars
na 39 Charles A. Whitney Whitney’s Starfinder (fifth Ed.)
na 40 Sue Becklake, Julian Holland (Illustrator) Mysterious Universe (Exploration and Discovery)
na 41 Steele, Philip, ed. Outer Space
na 42 Ardley, Neil Exploring the Universe
na 43 Unknown Planets….
na 44 David Lambert The Solar System (Planet Earth (New York, N.Y.).)
na 45 Peter Roop Solar System (Opposing Viewpoints Great Mysteries)
na 46 Unidentifiable unidentifiable
na 47 David J. Darling The Moon: A Spaceflight Away
na 48 Steele, Philip, ed. The Inner Planets
na 49 Neil Ardley; Philip Steele The outer planets
na 50 Unknown Unidentifiable
na 51 Unknown Unidentifiable
na 52 G. Vogt Magellan And The Radar Mapping of Venus (Missions in Space)
na 53 Geraldine Woods Life on other planets
na 54 Sue Becklake The Solar System (Exploration and Discovery)
na 55 Isaac Asimov Asimov’s Guide to Halley’s Comet
na 56 Unintelligible Comets
na 57 Bramley? unintelligible
na 58 David J. Darling Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids: Rocks in Space (Discovering Our Universe)
na 59 David J. Darling, Jeanette Swofford (Illustrator) The Sun: Our Neighborhood Star (Discovering Our Universe)
na 60 George Fichter Comets and Meteors (1st Book)
na 61 Ruth Radlauer, Charles Stembridge Comets (A Radlauer geo book)
na 62 Christopher Lampton The Sun (1st Book)
na 63 Ridpath, Ian The Sun (The Universe)
na 64 Necia H. Apfel Stars and Galaxies (1st Book)
na 65 Neil Ardley Force and Strength (Action Science)
na 66 Henry Smith, Barbara Firth (Illustrator), Rosalinda Knightley (Illustrator), Elizabeth Falconer (Illustrator) Amazing Air (Science Club Series)
na 67 Philip Watson, Elizabeth Wood (Illustrator), Ronald Fenton (Illustrator) Liquid Magic (Science Club)
na 68 Neil Ardley Making Metric Measurements (Action Science)