From: Peter Klancic
Subject: 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica Resources
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 17:52:00 -0000

1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica Resources. Hereafter called EB 11.

The following sites and CD/DVD sources are available:

Two online resources which would appear to have most of the content, with caveats, are:

  • Online 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica ( Could not find Pictures that were on “Project Guttenburg” extract.
  • Online Encyclopedia – LoveToKnow ( I looked up a couple of entries that had pictures “Project Guttenburg” extract but did not find them here. Found ‘ANEMOMETER’ missing.

Project Guttenburg  search for “Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition” A ‘slice’ of Vol 2. HTML version includes pictures. Quality seems Good, but there is not much of it. This would seem to be the best option if they ever finish it.

They are all referred to in Wikipedia under “Encyclopædia Britannica”.

Barflies referred to scanned versions on SpinSmart ( and

I could not see any reference to EB 11 on the Encyclopaedia Britannica web site.

Wikipedia includes 1911 material (see but it would not appear to be possible to isolate the 1911 content (unless I misunderstood). This also points to “Project Guttenburg” Distributed ProofReaders, but you need to be registered, but this would give you access to the scanned pages online.

A General search of ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911’ did not produce any additional sources.

I got the Spinsmart Disk yesterday (12-13-2005), it is about 4.3GB, duplicated rather
than pressed. I’ve loaded to hard disk. I experimented with OCRing it with
quite good results.

The quality of the images is good. Each tif file is a single page. There is
a subdirectory for each volume and a indices subdirectory with a file for
each volume. Where an entry covers more than 1 page there are multiple
entries in the volumes index.