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While the FAQs attempt to answer many questions if you have a question or think something obvious is missing you should bring it up in the 1632Tech conference. A favorite saying in the conference is that every once in a while a horse which has been beaten to death will suddenly kick or outright get up and start walking around when someone new asks questions. Don't let the existance of the FAQs keep you from bringing something up.
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1632 Time Frames - novels and stories May 2010 - Graphical XLS (includes GG29) New Update: 2010-05-20 1632Virginia DeMarce and Iver Cooper2010-05-20
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Blood Typing and Transfusion TechnologyDanita Lee Ewing
Book List (Recommended Reading) Update: 2006-01-22 HistoryLaura Runkle2005-12-10
Clothes Fitting MiscellaneousVirginia DeMarce2002-03-16
Darlene, Jenny, and the whole Pilcher menage 1632Virginia DeMarce2002-09-23
Essay on Cartographic Accuracy TechnologyChristopher J. Smith
Flammability of Wooden Ships and the use of Incendiaries against Them New TechnologyEric Anderson, ed
Glass FAQ RTF New TechnologyIver Cooper2004-12-09
Grantville Firearms Inventory ResourcesMichael Garrity
Grantville Population Distribution DemographicsVirginia DeMarce2002-12-10
The Grid Update: 2016-02-01 1632The Gridmaster2015-07-01
Gustav Designs TechnologyMichael Spehar2002-11-05
Horse Power in the USE ResourcesKaren Bergstralh2002-10-08
How the 163x Series Started 1632Bo Johansson2002-10-19
Imperial Free Cities HistoryVirginia DeMarce2002-09-28
Laity and Literacy TechnologyVirginia DeMarce2001-10-30
Las Vegas Belle Designs TechnologyMichael Spehar2002-10-21
Laundry TechnologyVirginia DeMarce2002-01-05
Literacy Rates, 17th Century HistoryVirginia DeMarce2002-09-08
Locomotive Addendum New TechnologyIver Cooper2006-02-16
Locomotive Design Spread Sheet XLS New TechnologyIver Cooper2006-08-20
Machines: Bearings and Bushings TechnologyLaura Runkle2002-10-18
Mannington Demographics (pdf) DemographicsWood Hughes
Mannington, WV 2000 Census Data (pdf) New DemographicsU.S. Bureau of the Census, Census 2000
Mineral Mastery Supplement New TechnologyIver Cooper2009-04-22
Money and Exchange Rates EconomicsFrancis Turner
My Name Is Legion Appendix RTF New TechnologyIver Cooper2007-05-05
Narrow Gauge Inventory ResourcesErnest Lutz2007-06-02
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Radio FAQ Part 1 — Spark and Crystal Radios TechnologyRick Boatright2002-11-07
Radio FAQ Part 2 — Radios and Hams TechnologyRick Boatright2002-11-07
Radio FAQ Part 3 — RF Environment TechnologyRick Boatright2002-10-01
Radio FAQ Part 4 — Vacuum Tubes TechnologyRick Boatright2002-10-08
Radio FAQ Part 5 — VOA TechnologyRick Boatright2002-09-20
Radio FAQ Part 6 — Tube Timeline PDF New TechnologyJack Carroll2012-05-05
Railroad Construction Schedule Spreadsheet XLS New TechnologyIver Cooper2008-01-24
Recommended reading order for the 1632 series New 1632Eric Flint2016-01-21
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Typhus DiseaseRobert Gottlieb2002-01-09
White Gold ResourcesKerryn Offord
Why Airships Make Sense TechnologyCharles Prael
eNeighborhood real estate Neighborhood Snap-Shot for Mannington, WV RoF BaselineWood Hughes2003-02-24