Author's Manual

The Many Halves of Grantville

May 11, 2004

There is much to be said for inventiveness and imagination. Given our head, half the population of Grantville at the moment of the Ring of Fire would have contained exactly the right mix of characters and equipment to make our story a real whiz bang yarn. Hence the need for Virginia's Grid. Unfortunately there too many of us and too many of these halves. Chaos is an ugly word.

It's worse than that. In addition to the half who are rocket scientists and the other half who are SEALS, Eric has provided us a list of the following additional halves:

There is, I believe — at last count — exactly one person in everybody's fantasy Grantville who is elderly and illiterate. Of course, he's also the son of Alvin York and shoots even better than his daddy.

Ursus vehemently denies that there is a trace of sarcasm in the above post. There's quite a bit more than a "trace."