Mannington [Rick Boatright]

Will Stewart, Eric, Dave and Mike in parking lot across the street from the McDonalds.
Terry, Don (Paula's husband), Paula Goodlett, and Sherry Boatright in front of the only "sit down restaurant" in Mannington even now. (yes, yes, there's the greasy spoon in the theatre, and the sandwich shop and a pizza place.)
Dan Robinson ignoring a horse in the show ring at the fairgrounds.
the fairgrounds are not flat... that said, behind the show ring, the "booths", then a playground, then the city pool, then the pop-warner pee wee football field, then a 1930's WPA project civic center which is a refuge center in the book. The "thuringian gardens" must have been set up either in this show ring, or on the pee wee football field..... since they were "across from the pool."
stuck the lens out a bit towards the pool. note that the bottom floor of the community gym there is OPEN, not closed in... tho it could be. Gym floor above is VERY sold. 12 inch rafters on 12 inch centers, with steel I beams as headers...
Cass, (Butch's wife) does NOT ignore the horse.
sanitation center at fairgrounds (note captions... women's and men's showers on the right....)
note the blue steel bridge across the creek from the fairgrounds to the pool and thence to the pee wee football field...