Mannington Street Department shops

City owned pickip with compressed air tanks on the back.

City shops with radio tower, usually in the mid or high bands, not CB.

Two city dump trucks with salt dispensers for
winter use hanging in the shed. These could be
placed on other chassis to give additional dump/spreader capacity.

Part of the above ground fule storage for the city shops.Each tank probably holds750 to 1,000 gallons. separate tanks usually indicate one each for gas and diesel.

Another shot of the fuel tanks and old tire storage.

Another shot of the office with pickup, jeep, and road/asphalt roller.

Shot of the road and homes by the shop, and a better picture of the roller.

Wheeloader with backhoe, road grader, and another dumptruck.

2 more wheeloaders.

A better view of the other wheeloader, with what appears to be a section of culvert behind them.
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