Barfly Bios

From: Elizabeth Whitaker <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007

I received my M.A. in History from Clemson University in December 2006 and returned to the DC area in January 2007 after an absence of nearly 19 1/2 years. After a couple of temporary housing situations, I moved to Alexandria, Virginia, at the end of March, and live in the northeastern part of that city. I wrote my thesis on Lebanese families who arrived in South Carolina before 1950 and would like to do at least one story using some of the Grantville descendants of Lebanese immigrants who arrived in Grantville/Mannington in the same time period.

My mom's maternal grandmother was born in Grafton in the 1880s: her dad, a dark man with ancestry in the racially-mixed (Melungeon) community near Phillipi, moved the family to North Carolina following the murder of his teen-age son around 1900.

My interests include history, Melungeon communities, gardening (mainly medicinal herbs, fruit, and old roses), urban wildlife, writing, archival methods, Southern ethnic history, Southern Catholic history and religions.