Dawn Wattler

From: "Dawn Wattler" <dawncwattleryahoo.com>

My name is Dawn, a recent delurker and BarGnat from St. Louis, MO. I'm 27 and a Travel Agent, former Picture Framer, who really needs get off her a** and go back to school and get her Degree in some kind of Art. I am married 2 years to a computer network specialist-in-training, who I love lots and also a big SF fan.

My hobbies include art, reading SF&F, listening to music, painting miniature figurines, playing Classic Battletech, RPG's, and making jewelry. I also love history, online news, art, folk tales and am curious about science particularly astronomy and archaeology.

I don't remember what my very first fantasy novel was at the moment, was probably hooked with Jane Yolen's Pit Dragon books or Robin Mckinley's Damar books. Didn't reas SF til later, but my favorite SF Novel of all time is Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress".

Dawn Who Has No Nickname

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