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I'm Mike Watson, officially Thomas Michael Watson, but there are too many Tom Watsons running around including my father and some golfer. I'm 56, living in the Kansas City area with my wife, Joyce, two cats, daugther, son-in-law and two red-headed grandkids. Joyce and I will have our 35th anniversary this year.

For the last thirteen years, I've been employed as a Network Design Engineer for one of the larger (Number 3?) telecommuncations carriers. I have two patents issued for designing call centers to facilitate communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, with four more patents in the queue.

I'm also a former Air Force officer, Viet Nam vet, Ham Radio operator (W0TMW), life NRA member, private pilot and owner of `Blue Diamond` a home-built Mini-Cub. I run a small, part-time ISP on the side providing internet, mail and FTP services for a number of churches. Most of my off time is spent fixing computers for one church or another.

I've been reading Science Fiction since grade school and have a collection of Astounding and Analog magazine reaching back to the early 1940s.

Mike Watson
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