Francis Turner

From: "Francis Turner" <>

I'm Francis Turner, 35, currently living in the South of France but originally English and have lived previously in Finland, Japan, California (Silicon(e) valley) and most recently Germany (wiesbaden).

I started reading SF at about age 8 and have never stopped. According to my parents I've had my head in a book pretty much ever since. I'm a computer geek (they pay me to play with these toys?) and will have been married to my Japanese wife for 7 years.

I've started writing a story for the Gazette called Hobson's choice and I'm on the last stretch. The real problem is not starting the tale but stopping it! or at least bringing it to a point which doesn't call out for an immediate follow on. I have a couple of other SF/Fantasy stories in mind.

When I'm not reading my hobby is hashing - defined as "a drinking club with a running problem" - and my hash nickname is dirty dingus. You'll find most of my web claims to fame based on that name rather than my real one.

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