Al Tasker

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I mostly lurk around here. I travel a lot in my job as National Weed Program Manager for United States Dept. of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service in Maryland, so often get behind on the 1632 Tech. Just got home from a Sunday to Saturday trip to New Orleans, home this week, and back on the ?big silver bird? again Sunday.

Farm raised in Central Kansas, north of Abilene. Wheat, Grain Sorghum, Cattle, Hogs, and forage crops. Thought I wanted to be an Ag Engineer, but in Junior College and slogging through the maths, I decided I like Biology better, and changed to Agronomy. I still ended up taking most of the maths! Maintained a Weed Science speciality through a B.S. from Kansas State University in 1971, M.S. in Agronomy at Montana State University, and Ph.D. at U of Missouri Columbia, Agronomy 1977. I have been in the Ag industry my entire career. I am a semi-computer jock, mostly by osmosis, and have spent some time doing computer consulting and programming.

My wife Linda and I have worked in every state beginning with an ?M? except Maine and Massachusetts. We have 2 sons and a daughter. The youngest is in college in Oklahoma, so we spend at least 2 days each spring and fall driving her between Maryland to Oklahoma. At least we can visit my folks in Topeka or Linda?s folks in Texas more often that way. We do a lot of genealogy as well on those trips. I have a website of family gravestones from all over the country (a number from near Mannington, WV), and a database if several thousand relatives and ancestors.

I also sing and usually lead a choir. Used to sing barbershop. Lately I've been too busy traveling to do either

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