Ginger Tansey

From: Ginger Tansey

I'm a veterinarian, specializing in laboratory animal medicine, and I work for the National Eye Institute. I've been a vet for 14 years; prior to vet school I was a groom, lab tech, graduate student, and college student.

My life is generally too busy for me to indulge in my hobby of European History from 1914-1944 (with a digression to Soviet History of 1914-1991). My mother's family were Eastern European Jews, many of whom perished in the Holocaust. I used to have other hobbies, but being a vet seems to take too much time from my day.

My partner and I are raising and home-schooling an active little boy; we also have a dog and 3 cats to handle.

I've read SF since I could read, and started off with Robert E. Howard's Conan series. I don't think there's a classic SF book I haven't read at least once. ;-)

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