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Hi, I'm Russ Stebbins and I am a ... No, wait,,that is my networking support group speech. Although with Russ Ritter joining, I guess I am Russell to all. Been a member of the Bar from 1633 but have only experienced one bar crash.

Now live in the philly area but have lived many different locals between the Army and various jobs. Spent 10 years AD pushing bullets as an Army Ordnance officer. Graduated University as a Chemical Engineer but have spent little of my life as a practicing one. I have spent most of my working life in manufacturing and logistics. Even my current incarnation as an IT consultant revolves around production and logistics.

Had a close encounter with WV as an Advisor to Army Reserve and NG units in the state for three years when I was on Active Duty. I think that has given some feel for the people and environment. It also gave me a healthy respect for how hard it is to engender cultural and organizational change. Which is in its essence the story line of this series.

I totally enjoy the discussions and research that this little bar produces. I win some, I lose some but I am always more knowledgeable for the process. It is a little written about period that was pre industrial but not medieval either. A transitional one that always (well almost always) makes me do a little research before I make any bold statements about the times. There are no Hornblowers, no Sharpes, and no Burns doing documentaries.

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