Jon Sonnenleiter

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My name is Jon Sonnenleiter (pronounced sun-in-lighter). I'm 61, born, raised and still live in Baltimore Maryland. Married to a wonderful wife who happens to be psychic, she does past lives and reads the tarot, can't lie to her if I wanted too. We have two boys 20 and 25. I'm hoping they will grow up. My grandson who is 5 acts more mature than they do at times. Spent 4 years in the Air Force as a passenger specialist (I booked and loaded the planes with people, very dull) 1960-1962 spent in Okinawa (Cuban crisis, guarded flight line with a empty M1 carbine). 1962-1964 spent in Germany, Rhein-Maine AFB near Frankfurt am main.(when Kennedy died the Germans cried with me). In Okinawa, waiting for transport to Germany, I was relieved of duty 9 days early.So I spent my time in a library, there. I read the S.F. section dry. Couldn't stop now if I wanted too. Favorites are alternate universes and time travel. LEST DARKNESS FALL (1939) my favorite (comedy / time travel). Watching 1632 universe come alive and wishing I could escape to there. When I read I become the characters, but not all of them. I'm a reader not a writer. But I keep dreaming possible story lines. Like leasure, horse racing anyone? God created the world in 6 days, Its taking Eric a little longer.


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