Robert Smith

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My parents, both Army medics, married prior to mustering out at the end of WWII. I was born June 26, 1946 in Trenton, NJ. I spent my first five years at Michigan State University where my parents did the GI Bill thing. My father put his to use by joining the U.S. Forest Service, an organization that emulates the military in terms of moving its people around, giving me the opportunity to live in every state east of the Mississippi that has trees, plus Arkansas and Louisiana. Around age nine, I found my fathers collection of SF magazines dating back to the 1930s, and I have been addicted ever since.

I tried to join the Army when I graduated high school and was rejected because of my eyesight. After I started college, I was pestered by the draft board for the next five years, permanently fixing my low opinion of government bean counters.

I have an AD in Nursing, a BA in Sociology with an Abnormal Psych minor, and major courswork in Physics, Biology, and Community Mental Health. A professor friend of mine describes me as a professional student because I am always ready to take a course in anything that interests me. For the last 32 years I have worked for the State of Georgia, 25 of those in Forensic Nursing.

I rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles until my wife, an ER nurse at the time, insisted that I hang up the helmet. I enjoy reading, computers, gardening, Asian and Cajun cooking, and pointing out the howlers in SF movies. I have two sons, both graduates of the Air Force Academy, one of whom is still a trash hauler, the other resigned after seven years to get his MBA at Vanderbuilt. At present, I am looking forward to retirement and the opportunity to do some writing.


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