Christopher Smith

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My name is Christopher Smith and I am a Cartographer for the Wisconsin DNR. I hold BS's in History and Geographry and a MS in Geoenvironmental Studies. What that means is that we were given free reign to work on specific topics in geographry. Urban Planning, Transportation Geography and Historical Geography were my choices. I am a member and volunteer at the Mid-Continental Railway Museum (mostly to end up sweeping out the fireboxes and replacing boiler tubes) and my thesis was on the Mainline Canal of Pennsylavania (can you see a running trend here?)

In my spare time I am an amatuer photographer, model railroader, Wargamer (Battletech, Micro Armour and SeeKreig), Role Player (AD&D 1st ed., Shadowrun, Space 1889, and Cathulu by Gaslight). I am currently engaged to a wonderful woman and am getting married in August of next year. I am also working on a paper on the effects of Volcanism and Human beings. Should be ready by sometime next Decade at this rate.

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