Mark Shanks

From: "Mark Shanks" <>

I'm 42 years old and I'm a professional living historian residing in Wichita, Kansas.

No, that isn't: "as opposed to a dead historian?" It means that I do living history, a process of physical interpretations of history, professionally. My resume includes work in a variety of museum and public settings researching, organizing, performing, managing, and writing about costumed performances of the past. I've performed interpretations of people and activities from the 12th century to the 1940s and have at least a little hands on knowledge of activities as diverse as hunting with falcons, blacksmithing, driving oxen, and cooking and brewing traditional recipes.

I've got a M.A. in Public History which included writing on interpreting one-room school houses...and am currently ABD (all but dissertation) for a Ph.D. in history. Currently, I am writing snippets for the slushpile ("Navigation") as a way to relax from the HARD writing on my dissertation comparing reenactor's and academic's interpretations of the American civil war.

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