Max Schubert

From: "Max Schubert" <>

We could spend this time comfortably reading, you know. Hello Tonya, and thanks, I suppose. I was born when the last German soldier climbed over our back fence and the first Russian soldier over he front fence, both damaging it, in Austria. I had the back fence repaired for about the fifth time last year. But I now live mainly in Munich after nine years in a country now called Zimbabwe and two years in South Africa. I stopped working as a law consultant two years ago when a stroke made a huge dent in my life and reading speed. I started reading science fiction when Jet planes were actually fiction and the engineers of the rocket ships to the moon fondly remembered their long time as engineers on steamers in the South seas. I still read, but not so much sci-fi lately, I consider that the time of the masters has passed away, sorry my excuses to the hopefuls. I lost my libraries several times and bought 1632 in a fit of depression, judging it harshly by the blurb. By the way that is the last time I saw a baen book in a German book store, they must have a terrible tiff with the German distributors. I am still married thank heaven and I read all about military history more or less because of science fiction. I also learned in Austrian school that Archduke Karl defeated Napoleon and in an English school that Wellington did. I have been afraid to read a French history book ever since. I speak Austrian German, Zimbabwean English, lousy French, so-so Italian and Turkish and am currently struggling with Czech , I read Latin, but have concluded that since the translation of the bible into Latin and the laws of Justinian no very important writer in Latin has turned up, and I have studied the Monumenta Germanica. As a true Austrian I also have Polish Czech and Slovak and A ancestors, as well as Hungarian and Albanian uncles and such. My wife is a conservative German so her ancestors tend more to Poland and Denmark. I think I am still pretty at 58, but have not checked out my attractiveness for the other sex for the last thirty years. Four grandchildren keep me attentive to things like music and mangas which I am supposed to provide. So enough of bragging. And good night, children.

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