Lisa Satterlund

From: Lisa Satterlund

My life has been shaped by the trauma of a functional family. ::Sigh:: :)

Other than that, I have a BA in English, a JD (in law, naturally) and a M.Libr. I grew up in Pullman Washington, my parents having fled upstate New York when I was young enough not to remember much, but old enough to have certain vocal patterns embedded forever.

I love history (mostly 1400-1603), costuming (24 years), knitting (38 years), spinning (only 7 years for that), and various other oddities. I don't have much interest in things that go boom! which is something of a handicap in this conference, but I've managed to rise above it. :)

While I didn't learn to read before I started school, I've more than made up for the delay. I have no idea what my first SF/F book was, but two memorable early books were The Blue Star by Fletcher Pratt (I thought I was picking up one of my mother's romances--boy, was I confused!), and Farenheit 451 (I had nightmares that the mechanical hound was chasing me). But I survived the trauma of both experiences to establish a personal SF/F library.

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