Dan Robinson
From: "Dan Robinson" <danrobinsonmac.com>

Hi, My name is Dan

I was born (1941) and raised in Charleston, West Virginia and live now in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For fun, I sing (since age 4),
I'm the one putting this web site together, so am responsible only for how the content looks, not the content itself. (Especially the stories, for which you may blame the authors.)
read Science Fiction since age 12, got my first printing press at age 12,my first computer in 1977.

For money I have sung professionally, was a printer until 1977, and since then have made my living as a computer consultant making Apple's Computers do interesting stuff and teaching others how.

I am married to artist Rita Reed (RitaReed.com) and we share life with our German Shepherd, 'Lady' (Our Lady of Perpetual Entertainment), a close relative of Ralph von Wau Wau.

My aspirations include writing science fiction well enough to get published. But my protagonists are much too intelligent to get into the kind of troubles that make for interesting reading.

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