Chris Racciato

From: "Chris Racciato" <>

I guess I should put a bio up, seeing as I visit the Bar enough. I am an Assistive Technologist, with a background in Occupational Therapy. When I am not being rented out to school districts, I work as a Special Education preschool teacher. So basically that means that I play with kids for a living. I am an avid collector of firearms from the turn of the last century through the WWII time period. Hence all my stupid questions about guns and other things that go boom. I am very interested in hunting practices from ancient times through the present, and try to get out after edible critters as often as I can. I also enjoy cooking (see, I even get some of the critters some times), quilting, reading, and driving my wife and daughters nuts. I live in Fallbrook, California with my wife, two daughters, and assorted snakes, lizards, fish, sheep, and regular pets. And for the record, I am not a troll. I hardly ever hang around under bridges . . . If anybody is watching . . .

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