Charles Prael

From: "Charles Prael" <>

Lessee. The simple version, I'm a 36 year old SF Bay Area native ex-technical writer who now works on cleaning up foreclosures.

I'm a generalist. I analyze situations, and produce solutions. If you have a problem, throw me at it, give me what resources I need, and the problem will go away. Not necessarily neatly, not necessary in a politic manner, not necessarily in the way you expected. But it will no longer be a problem.

Ah yes. Just exactly 8 years ago, a wonderful lady wandered into my life. Kelly and I have been married 5 years, as of tomorrow (which for my family is something of a record - my 'rents have 4 divorces betwixt 'em, a record I choose NOT to emulate). No kids (yet), but we've 4 cats, and we take in the occasional stray (person, or animal).

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