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I've been a bit reluctant to post because I consider my history to be rather boring. I'm 67 and a retired computer programmer. No military experience due to measles at age 3 which left me with a severe hearing loss in both ears. None of the services seem to want people who can't hear orders or an approaching enemy. <g>

Grew up in Rochester, NY, went to university in Rochester and Pittsburgh (PhD in Physics). Worked as a scientific programmer in Boston and Los Angeles (no work available in Physics), then moved to Australia in 1971. Lived in Sydney and Wollongong (about 60km south of Sydney) while working in systems programming.

Retired in 1996 with great pleasure on the grounds that 35 years of programming was enough!

Present hobbies - unselective reading about history, science fiction, mysteries.

Can't remember when I first read science fiction. Probably one of the Heinlein books back in the 40s or 50s.

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