Loren Jones

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In spite of the name, I really a guy. Really. I'm 41, born in California, grew up in Oregon, but currently living in Florida, near Tampa.

I'm an ex-Navy Submarine Nuclear Reactor Operator, 6 years worth. ET3/SS

I've worked as an Instrument Tech and Electrician in a CalEdison power plant, a Cement Plant, a Steel Mill, an Aluminum Mill, and currently work manufacturing fiber-cement siding.

I'm married (20 years) with three kids: The Blonde (18 and going away soon), the Boy (17 and not likely to see 18) and the Demon (13-year-old girl, and most likely to kill the Boy).

I write because it's the only way I can get the stories out of my head so I can sleep.

Published Stories:
Power to the People (Ring of Fire Anthology)
Anna's Story (Grantville Gazzette)
Sand Insanity (Control Magazine)

Unpublished Stories:
The Dragons of the Brondian Continent (Amberdrake & Sahrendrake), 18 short stories
Vernardia, partial Amberdrake novel
Mary Death and the Wizard Rylova, 3 short stories
The Birth of Mary Death--partial novel
Claws and Eyes, 5 short stories
The Saga of Java Mountainstand, 3 novels and a start
Shair Skyhaven, 4 short stories
Marshall of Faragon, novel
Children of Olympus, partial novel
Arten & Naria, short story
Kaster & Werrin, short story
The Trinity, short story
Gods Hands, short story
The Great God in the Pot, short story (Horror)
Lost Treasures, short story
Vorvalika, short story
The Best Plaid Lans, short story
Did Anyone Here Order a Pizza, short story
Seeker, SciFi short story
Kachina, SciFi short story
Rescue Mission, SciFi short story
Leave Nothing to Chance, SciFi short story

For an example of my writing, Anna's Story, the Second Year, is up in the 1632Slush Conference.

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