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I am 57 years old and retired from the military in 1991 as a Chief Electronics Technician. I had 10 years in the navy and 17 years in the Coast Guard. I enlisted right out of high school. I grew up in Albany, GA and now live in Scottsdale, AZ. After I retired from the CG I went to Thailand with a friend who introduced me to my present wife. So after 53 years as a dedicated bachelor I met someone who didn't care that I was short, fat, bald, and near-sighted. So now I have a wife (Wan), 3 step children (Tom, Nim and Ying) 2 daughters of my own (Jewell and Diane) and 2 dogs. I did have 3 cats but they died (old age) and I didn't have the heart to replace them. We moved to Scottsdale because my wife wanted to be near her sister. A 4th grade teacher got me started reading (the bookmobile was the highlight of the month during the summer) and when I was in the 6th grade I read an Andre Norton book which hooked me on SF.

John Johnson, father of Jewell and Diane

(at left, Diane and Jewell)

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