Robert Hollingsworth

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Hello, my name is Bob. I am a gun-aholic.

I am 49 (no really). My wife Susan and I have two lovely children aubrey aged 9 mos and the official Baen Board Baby boy David now aged just shy of 3 years. ( has it been that long from those thrilling post between contractions?)

I am without a doubt the worst speller and grammerian on on Baen's Board.

Raised in North Florida in small towns, hunted at an early age. Bitten by the SF bug late for this group, fifth grade Tom Swift, Jr. and my first real SF was War against the Rull, at about 15 I discovered these books a my DeMolay chapter Dad's house by this RAH fellow and all was lost.

High School JROTC a semester at The Citadel, enlisted RA Infantry, nice long trip to germany, out bummed around a bit back in school on GI bill, Criminology, awarded RA commission in Field Artillery, Holland, back to Germany resigned (long story) Post Bacc work in Social Studies Education, sub, then full time high school teacher, Documents/publications production Specialist UF/IFAS, Magazine editor for CFV publications, Information Referal specialist and my current and most important job.....Stay at Home Dad refered to by some of my friends as Gentleman Farmer.

I am a serious gun nut. I am an NRA certified Instructor in all but modern shotgun. ( just not that interested in wing shooting) Published articles in America's worst gun magazines ever, (it was easy, I was the editor) been very politically active on the gun issue ( even used Mr. Baen's hospitality to sneak in a few words with Newtie during the proposed Evans and Pournelle team up with Newtie) spoke publicly at rallys and to the state legislature, and on local TV and radio ( and nationally on NPR, though they used me and stuck my comments into a completely differednt story, the scum) on the topic. I was also the NRA instructor that appeared on ABC and CNN news during the Gainesville student murders.

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