Terry Holland

From: "Terry Holland" <THollandco.whatcom.wa.us>

I'm a professional Database Mgr/Project Mgr 53 yrs. young. I've had a varied background as a Private Investigator (robbing banks legally & hunting mafiosi as well as skip trace and investigating accidents), a business consultant/business owner, etc. over the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe.

I met my darling wife of 10 years, Ali Erickson, in a novel writing class so I guess an interest in writing is a given. Sharing our household are our Schipperke Mayah and great escape artist Schipperke/Lab mix Perky. Perky is famous in our community for jamming her body between a tree bole and a fence and wriggling upwards five feet to the first branches then pulling herself up and over an eight foot fence! She's found ways past every barrier we've set.... but that's another story

History, Alternate History, and SF are reading passions. A library is my favorite temple. Hiking, boating, yoga, fishing, and throwing darts at the pub in NW Washington state rounds it out.

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