Paula Goodlett

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Born Jan 18, 1953 in a small Texas town. I’ve spent most of my life attached to the military in some way, first as a dependent child, then as a dependent wife, then as active duty Air Force (after the first divorce). I joined in 1972, spent 6 years active, then moved to the Air National Guard. Served in the Guard, one way or another, in one state or another until I retired from it in 1994. Accumulated 7 more years of active duty that way. I was glad to retire so I could get rid of the chains that kept me attached to desks in personnel or finance. Took six years off and lived on 5 acres in Kentucky, where I learned to garden and can. Couldn’t read all the time, so I’ve taught myself to knit, crochet, sew, quilt and spin. I love Merino wool, as you can tell. I have one child, from the first marriage. She’s 33 now. Third time being the charm, I’ve been married for 20 years to a wonderful man who hasn’t complained too much about moving box after box of books. We moved back out west in 2000 and I decided to find a job. Needed some wages to feed the book habit. So I now work for a national chain of mall book stores and have been doing so for three years now. Don’t tell my boss, but I’d have taken the job just for the discount. Getting paid for working with books and book people is just the topping on the ice cream. Finally broke down and bought a computer in Oct 2003, found the bar and haven’t been able to sleep properly since. Brillo haunts my dreams.

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