Michael Garrity

From: "Michael Garrity" <garritymhotmail.com>

I am 38, and I moved to Phoenix from Des Moines last year. I grew up in Rhode Island and moved to Iowa in 1992. My wife is a registered nurse, and two of my stepchildren are going into the medical profession in one form or another.
I have two years in the Regular Army as a combat engineer (where I refined my talents at burning stuff down and blowing stuff up), plus I have been an MP in the ARNG since June of 1994. Educational background consists of a B.S in Criminal Justice and an M.S in Forensci Science. My primary interests are ancient & medieval history, military history, arms & armor, firearms (muzzleloading & modern), RPGs and reenacting (ACW and Roman-period). As far as skiil with firearms is concerned, I prefer shotguns at close range and am only average with pistols or revolvers. Give me a rifle and I can hit anything I can see.

Currently, I am at Ft. Bliss, Texas. My AZARNG unit was activated this past February and I am waiting to join them.

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