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I am a 54 year old disabled vet. I served in the Navy from 1969 till 1986 then took a break from military service till 1996 when I went into the army national guard as an eleven Bravo, basic infintryman and graduated from the 11B training school at the ripe young age of 47. I spent part of the time between military years living in the mountains of Northeast Washington where I built a log cabin and tried survival farming and a long break away from people. I have been an apprentice mason, a general construction repairman, better known as a punchman, and worked as a roofer specializing in shakes and composition roofing as well as the dreaded kettle operator. I have a wife at home taking care of me and a son who is currently in the big sand box til his enlistment runs out. I spend my time in 1632 slush basically reading the stories people write for enjoyment. Hope to see a lot more stories go up.