Danita Lee Ewing

From: "Danita Lee Ewing" <aliciadevaol.com>

Great idea! It's fun to learn a little more about our fellow addicts. BEG.
Next month I'll be 41, am a nurse, married to a genuinely nice guy I still love, even after 25 years. One son, 23 year old black belt who teaches kung fu. I love him too, even though he did inherit my sense of (warped) humor.
I can't remember when I first started reading sci fi but I think Andre Norton figured prominently (Witch World mainly). I've written a story called An Invisible War (was just called Beulah for a long time) which has now hit the 40,000 word mark. Hoping Eric likes it enough to put it in the Gazette in serial form in some future edition.

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