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Richard Evans

Richard (Dick) D. Evans <>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006

(the image is a standby for my Brodder persona)

Location Middletown Ohio Someplace between a hardplace and a Migraine

A long time fantasy and sci-fi RPG player who's currently addicted to MMORPGS.

My first published credential was inside one such MMORPG called Everquest, as the Dwarf Brewer Brodder FoamyMugs.

I'm a disabled veteran who's served both in the Army and Navy. While in the Army I spent my last four years at Miami University in Oxford. I'm a chocoholic and bribable with the same. I love to cook and write, just not write about cooking. I'm still mastering the art of short stories, and find long complicated campaign type plots full of twists and arcs easier than writing short stories.

I still feel that mothers are the necessity of invention and love puns and bad jokes. I used to work for the Writers Club on AOL way back in the day doing interviews of authors and publishers as well teaching RPG design basics and running a long time online game on the old Genie network.

I grew up in South America as a child, with most of my time spent in Brazil with little supervision. I moved often and eventually ended up in the US in 79 to attend 8-12th grade.

I have a good muse, and can write very very fast...but she's distracted by chocolate, migraines and shiney objects.