Jody Dorsett

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Like Tom I was an EM, then an officer. Got out for similar reasons, did the 180 day tour thing (neat jobs all) several times in between which I was a slum lord in Philadelphia. Actually, we bought decayed houses in downtown Philly and rehabbed them:).

Lost my ass in that in 1989 and ended up heading west to seek my fortune as a cabinet maker. I have helped start up and sell three businesses. In between I sold cars and helped to get Thrifty Car Sales underway by managing the test store.

I currently am in business number four which is a landscape company in which all the employees are true owners.

I have a story in RoF, and have several shorts floating and novel wanting a rewrite for "another" publisher which I may or may not do. I'm of a mind to change it to a novella and try to get it in one of the magazines. The first part is in Slush entitled "Measure of a Man".

I hope to post another Billek and Red story in 1632 Slush after Eric snippets "The Wallenstein Gambit".

In my spare time I build rocket motors and fly both hobby and amatuer rockets. Cureently I am persuing hybrid motors, which use liquid NO2 and Plastic as fuel, and thus avoid the BATFE gestapo.

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