Charlie Domino

From: "Charlie Domino" <>

I'm in Houston, work for the Incompetant Empire (USSR was the _Evil_ Empire, the City of Houston is the _Incompetant_ Empire), spend all my spare time in front of a computer, and way too much time at work here in the Bar. A jack of few trades, I've dabbled in computers (hardware, O/S, network, web design), have no artistic talent, have tried my hand at writing with mediocre results, and know way too many people smarter than me for my own good. Of course, since I can't stand folks dumber than me, I'm doomed to embarass myself almost daily.

I'm currently co-authoring a science-fiction based weblog with a friend, based around a campaign we play, and I'm in the planning/artwork stages of one about local politics (dangerous, considering my employer). Oh, and "Everquest", an online RPG where I spent two years. I got better.


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