Cheryl Daetwyler

From: "Cheryl Daetwyler" <>

I think most people know some of the particulars at least about me. But I do a lot.

I am a 57 year old (young feeling) housewife, mother of two grown boys, with an entire family addicted to reading.

I garden, raise herbs with a specialization in dye plants, and do dyeing demonstrations at colonial/heritage festivals in nearby areas.

When I am not reading, I write a lot.

I also volunteer at a community center that has a food pantry that feeds around 300 families each month and has educational programing. I have taught computer skills, particularly word processing to young mothers who need some way to get a job to get off welfare. It is a rewarding task.

I am co-chairperson of the 2004 163x Universe Minicon to be held next October (exact weekend waiting on football schedules) and spend a lot of time playing in this universe of Eric's.

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