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I’m the other Butch to Ernie Lutz’s Butch.
I’ve been around this planet for a little over 55 years, I’ve got an Associates Degree in Fire Science, and a B.S.(Bull S*#t) Degree, double Major in History and Poli-Sci, and History, and a minor in Econ.

I live in Central Illinois, married to the same loving woman for, let’s just say, lots of patient years. 3 grown kids, 1 son in law, and 3 truly spoiled grandkids.

I’ve spent the last 27 years as a career Firefighter and Officer. I work with Special Operations in Hazardous Materials and WMD, Water and Ice Rescue, as well as fire fighting operations and EMS. I’ve been an EMT for 26 years, and upgraded to the Intermediate level 3 years ago.

Never served in official U.S. armed forces, flunked the physical in 1969. I spent 7 years as an ACW re-enactor with an Artillery Battery. 6lb SBML.

Introduced to Sci-Fi, as a kid, by my Dad who had started reading it in the late 1930’s. Brought up on E.R. Burroughs, Heinlein, E.E. Smith, Simak, et.al.
Wife complains about my books, but it is only a ploy on her part, so she can have room for her biographies and Teddy Bears.

Hobbies besides Sci-Fi include History, Wargaming board and Miniature (Napoleonic- 1900), Military Miniatures, Computers, Camping, Reading, spoiling Grandkids and the Fire Service.

For the Bar I assist with Emergency medical stuff, as well as things that go bang and BOOM. Currently snip petting the Patrol in Slush.

Stay Safe

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