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Lessee: I'm 36, live in Dallas, TX (there seem to be more than a few of us here; hi, ya'll!), and served in the USMC for 6 years.

Currently working security following a lay-off, but am trying to get on with a major telephone provider here(x'd fingers are appreciated).

I read. I read a lot. My private library is over 4000 volumes(that's when I stopped counting). Mostly sci-fi, although with a distinctly military flare; some historical fiction, LOTS of history(including military science: http://www.strategypage.com ) and how-to's.

Current 163x project[s]: working with Jose C. et al on the 'Marines' issue; slowly putting notes together for a revised version of "The Pipe Major".

Likes: Reading, shooting, weapons in general, general science, cooking and rpg's(Trav, BtlTech, TMP, T2K, Space:1889, Starguard and GURPS, plus I distill gobs of house rules); classical, techno/industrial, heavy metal, most 80's-ish music, and anything by Johnny Cash(RIP); "Hawaii 5-0", "Andromeda", "SG-1", "Babylon 5", die-hard Classic "Battlestar Galactica" phreek, virtually anything on the 'basic seven': History Channel, TLC, Discovery, DTMS, TechTV, NOVA and Frontline.

Not-Likes: Rap, most country **ducks, grabs flamesuit and body armor**; just about anything else on TV(especially 'reality shows'--NOT!;-( ); Texas Trophy Hunters(yes, it's in the right place).

Somebody tell me if I missed anything.......

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