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I'm Leon Brooks (not related to James, although my middle names are Robert and James, my brother-in-law is James and I have an Uncle Jim). I was actually born in Canada (Merrit, BC) but escaped at age 2 (before much lasting damage was done) and have spent my life all over Australia, with the last 25 years in or around Perth, Western Australia.

I was born in 1962, so will be 42 this month. I have a wife Lucy, and two excellent children by her (Xan, turns 5 this month, and AnnéRose is now 3.5), plus another top score from a previous wife Deborah (Aiyana, now 14.5). I'm of basically Caucasian ancestry, mostly Pom, 1/4 Austrian, slight admixtures of various other things (when it comes down to it, "Pom" means "invaded by almost everyone in Western Europe" so we're all mongrels anyway :-)> Dad is a magpie, and SciFi books were one of the oddments he often dragged home to the bower, but I actually discovered them first in the Geraldton Senior High School library - Andre Norton and the like. I enjoyed EE Doc Smith, Isaac Asimov (although he got a bit pompous towards the end), Robert Anson Heinlen (who also drifted into the bizarre later), Arthur C Clarke (I have an HTMLified copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, even), Harry Harrison (at least, his Stainless Steel Rat series), Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Robert L Forward . . . and when I stumbled upon David Weber's books (On Basilisk Station, in a public library), it was love at first sight. I also read too much Terry Pratchett and was a big fan of Douglas Adams when THHGTTG first came out.

I like Eric Flint's impact on Weber's books, and Jim Baen's courage in exploring new modes of publishing.

I generally inhabit only Honorverse and BuShips on the Bar, since if I allowed myself more scope I would chew up too much of the precious time which I don't have anyway. I'm relatively new to the Bar but as usual it hasn't stopped me from ruffling feathers.

I am a computer consultant by trade, specialising in Linux and Open Source systems, write articles for a local tech magazine, dabble in electronics, physics and lots of other sciences, and take the occasional picture with my Sony DSC-F707.

Cheers; Leon

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