David Blandel

From: "David Blandel" <dbandelcomcast.net>

I'm a 39 year old father of two who has done just about everything. I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1987 with a degree in Technical Photography (Photogrammetry) and Computer Science, then graduated in '92 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Management. I have been both a Combat Photographer and an Aircraft Machinist in the USAF, working on A-10 Warthogs and deploying with them to all the "interesting" corners of the globe. I worked as a restorations technician at the National Air and Space Museum for four years, helping restore the Enola Gay (B-29 bomber that dropped the Hiroshima bomb, as well as many other interesting aircraft) and LOVE all bar discussions having to do with "home built" aircraft in the USE. I am also a licensed private pilot. I have also worked as a Telecommunications Engineer doing long distance broadband routing and switching, worked as a heavy equipment mechanic at the Army Test Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, working on experimental armored vehicles, and military wheeled vehicles. Also worked as an auto mechanic from time to time, and one of my great loves is building off-road vehicles, mainly Jeep -based, and running them with two local 4x4 clubs here in the MD/VA/DC area. I have been reading Science Fiction as long as I can remember (Heinlien, Andersen, Niven, Lackey, Frankowski, Laumer, Drake, etc) and of course our favorite, Flint. I have enjoyed writing since winning a high-school writing contest in 1980 (Sci Fi, of course!) and I am currently working on three different stories based in the 1632 universe. All I need now is time to finish!

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