Jim Berry

From: "Jim Berry" <desposticcom.com>

I am a 60 year old geezer who currently runs a science-fiction/fantasy bookstore on Amazon.

About 3 years ago, I heard strange snuffling sounds coming from my computer. Upon checking, I discovered a disheveled, hirsute creature lurking at the door of my virtual bookstore. In his mouth was an almost illegible crumpled note that he dropped on my keyboard. The note said (I think!) 'Need bloks-edit and replitn thourgh Bran Bloks.' To which I said 'You're not THE Eric Flint of 1632, are you?' 'Yup! said he. 'When is the sequel coming out?' said I. I jumped back just in time to dodge the swipe of a huge paw. I had finished 1632 just days before! Somehow that led me to this pack of scallowags and quantum mechanics.

I have a 1967 General Engineering degree from Portland State University. I ran a chain of computer stores throughout the '80s. I discover s-f in 1952 when I found a copy of Red Planet by Heinlein at the tiny county library where I lived in Eastern Oregon. I have been a Mars fanatic ever since and that explains my Amazon screen name Marsin2010. I used to dabble in amateur rocketry, and indeed, bought one of the very first Aerobee-Hi 'Rock-a-Chute' kits from the company that preceded Estes in about 1958. I used to be active in amateur astronomy and built a 6 inch reflector including grinding the mirror in high school. I can't carry a tune for spit but am a lifelong classical/renaissance music fanatic.

Actually, unless anyone wants to buy a Webscription of my life story, I had better stop while I am behind.

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