About this Site

Fan fiction, fan activity, and fan participation has long been a staple in the science fiction community. But Baen's Bar has taken it to a whole new level. The hundreds of participants have become a strong support group and built-in research crew to Baen's stable of authors. But even for the Bar, Eric Flint's 1632 universe has attracted an unprecedented amount of activity. When you have over 200 posts arguing the subject of fulminate of mercury and whether or not it is possible, probable, safe, desirable, etc., etc., you know you have a winner. Dozens and dozens of would-be authors have posted stories based on the 1632 series. Since 1999 around 100,000 messages have been posted.

This site is the result of the enthusiasm of dozens of people for whom the 1632 universe has become a second home. You can call it whatever you want. But from Paula Goodlett's ram, Brillo, to a high school boy looking at his grandmother's treadle sewing machine, to dozens of barflies deciding that you can't DO that, and refugees from the Thirty Years War who look in wonder at a Grantville television; this is home. We invite you to visit and bring your expertise and interests. There are lots of stories waiting for your knowledge and input.

--Dan Robinson
30 December, 2003

In September 2005, Dan Robinson handed off 1632.org to the Grantville Editorial Board. We will continue to post new fact articles, draft stories and what ever else looks to be of interest or utility to the 1632 Community. Your submissions or suggestions are always welcome.

-- David Eves
September 2005

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